Website title 'Picture of Electromagnetic Forming Process
Website title 'Picture of Electromagnetic Forming Process

Javascript Vector Art

Incidentally, we have used a simple javascript vector graphics program developed by Walter Zorn called 'wz_jsgraphics.js' to generate the figure used in the header that shows the basic process. The text in the formulas was generated using 'Open Office - Formula' software based on open source code by Sun Microsystems.

Using javascript to Write Technology Programs

We are starting the work of using javascript to solve a non-linear differential equation. This will take a program I developed for simulating electromagnetic forming of thin-wall tubing and porting (converting) it to javascript. The original program was written in Microsoft Basic - Professional Development System Version 7.1 the last version of QuickBasic before Microsoft moved to the '.NET' Visual Basic platform way back in 1990.

For those of you, if any, who would like to see a bit of the original code check this out.

If you are interested in seeing how the original compiled code (EMFORMX.EXE) looks when running in Windows xp (but not xp Pro) you can download the exe file and try it. After downloading, saving the zip file and opening it you will have a Version2 file. Open this file, find and double click (RUN) the EMFORMX.EXE file. You may be asked to extract the other data files. Then try double clicking the EMFORMX.EXE file again. After a short blank screen the original EMFORMX GUI will appear and you can use the mouse as well as clicking on the highlighted letter in each selection to run the program. You may encounter short screen blackouts but remember this is running in an emulation of that ancient operating system, DOS, so be patient. Happy hunting!

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Links to other information will be posted when (and if) we make some progress...

  • First will be the GUI

  • Followed (hopefully) by the solver

  • And then the plotting program

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