Wondering where some of those Bulger Peaks are located?

Use Google Earth to locate Washingtons
100 and 200 Highest Peaks

How about running one of your favorite panorama shots with high resolution!

This is an 'Unauthorized Website' that I did as a little spoof for Jim Nelson's amusement...

I am trying to figure out how to do some Google Earth Fly-Bys
My first effort is circling over the peaks in

The Pickets

We are working on a diet plan to help me lose weight!

The experimental 6 meals per day for 10 days diet

Using javascript to write programs

We are starting the work of using javascript to solve a non-linear differential equation. This will take a program I developed for simulating electromagnetic forming of thin-wall tubing. The original program was written in early Quick Basic 7.0.

Other things I am thinking about...