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After descending to the saddle between Emerald Peak and Saska Peak, Roy and I do a corkscrew route steeply up the eastern and southern sides of Saska. After a good scramble we are at the summit and sign in to the register. I have sat my small day pack down next to the summit rocks and don't notice when my wallet pops out. After doing Pinnacle Peak the next day we pack to head back out to civilization. "I CAN'T FIND MY BILLFOLD!!" I have no idea where it might be.. probably came out on one of our rest stops while doing Pinnacle. Too far to think about going back to look for it. I have never lost my wallet before (except on a couple of occasions when it fell out of my pocket at a movie theater - an easily remedied situation). Not so this time and I am resigned to going through all the rigamarole of replacing my driver's license, credit cards etc. Little do I know...

More later.