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As we slowly climb the snowslopes below Mt Daniel Roy lets out with an operatic aria which echoes off the surrounding rock walls. Very impressive... and he knows the words, a lot of them, to the songs he serenades us with. Definitely an interesting character! After we have finished climbing Mt Daniel Dianne lets us go at our own pace back to regroup below. Although Roy is easily the oldest one in our group he has the exuberance of youth. There is a long, fairly steep snowslope leading down the final leg to the bottom. It has a nice runout at the bottom so would be hard to get into any trouble doing a sitting glissade down it. Roy makes the best of the opportunity. There are only a handfull of us down when here comes Roy hollering and yelling and having a great time in his sitting glissade. As he nears the bottom of the slope he goes into a barrel roll all the while continuing the whooping and hollering. He arrives at the bottom no worse for the wear except for some snow down his neck and a lost hat which is soon retrieved. When Dianne finally arrives she soon confronts him, "Roy, were you out of control on your glissade?" "Oh no, no - not at all" is his rejoinder as everyone laughs. I am really getting to like this guy's style!

More later.