Picture of Don on Boston

Boston Summit

My Mountain Journeys header image of the Stuart Range
Picture of Don on Redoubt

Redoubt Summit

I originally started a web site so I could play around with some of the code used for these sites particularly HTML (hyper text markup language - used to make the pages for the site) and CSS (cascading style sheets - used to collect the page 'style' information onto one page). I also wanted to fool around with javascript to see what all it was capable of. My initial efforts can be seen on my original ExperimentalDon Website.

Then my focus changed toward developing the present web site that links together parts of my life that have centered around a desire to explore the hills and mountains around me. I always had a passion for seeing how high I could climb in the trees around our house and some of my earliest memories are of the views from various lookouts or other high points reached in our family travels. That desire to get 'on top' so that I could see 'the lay of the land' never lessened over the decades. Hence the theme, 'My Mountain Journeys'.

(Some of the navigation links are not yet active but I am working on them).

Most recently (January-May 2012) I have been determined to develop some sort of database in which to collect bits of information about a lifetime of hiking, scrambling, skiing and climbing with maybe a few references to hunting and fishing. Trying to learn enough about databases to put one on my website has been a bruising, bloody affair and has given me a whole new level of respect for those who develop databases for a living. But I now have a more than passing acquaintance with the languages of databases including mySql, PHP and javascript. You can check out how useful (or confusing) my efforts have been by clicking on the 'Database' navigation link. Thus far, the database contains only a small fraction of the information that is eventually intended to go into it.

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There are many websites oriented to hiking, climbing and skiing as well as some that feature world-class photography. I have placed a few of my favorites under the 'Mountain Links' navigation button. Check out 'The Brits' link for a little of the flavor of climbing in Great Britain.
The bottom two are a couple of my 'In Progress' endeavors.