route of Mt Si Trail


For decades I used Mt Si (and the haystack) for getting in shape for the upcoming hiking/climbing season and have been up the main trail dozens of times. Since I started climbing Mt Si there has been a major relocaion of the lower trail adding about a mile to its length. In the early days (1960's) I could get up to the haystack in about an hour. The relocation added about 30 minutes.

I always figure that if a person can hike from the trailhead, with your summit pack, up to the base of the haystack in 2 hours or less then you are in good enough shape to tackle any of Washington's mountains, even Mt Rainier although a time closer to 1.5 hours will make the Mt Rainier climb considerably easier.

My typical summit pack consisted of: rope, slings, some pro, a belay device, helmet, harness, ice axe, rain gear, 2 quarts of water and a 'ten-essentials' bag. To make my training runs more interesting I would take two ropes and rappel off the south face of the haystack.

Mt Si from below

Mt Si (and Little Si) from the old highway


The 'haystack' that tops Mt Si

Flowers on Mt Si

Pink phlox bloom in the spring at the base of the haystack.