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Image of Horseman's Pack Peak

Image of Horseman's Pack Peak


The route goes up a chimney on the backside

Roy and I finally 'got' Horseman's Pack on the second try. It took us two days to get to a camp on the ridge opposite Colonial Peak that was still a couple of hours from the Colonial Glacier. We met Carla and Brett on the glacier. They were heading over to do Paul Bunyan's Stump. We continued up to the col west of Colonial and then down to the 'endless' Neve Glacier. Roy was worried about the route on H.P. but I figured we could dope it out when we got there. And we did. Roy led up and around to the backside and then smartly up a chimney to the summit block. Rather than waste the time straddling the pyamid-shaped summit block we just put our hand on the top of the block. Good enough for a couple of really old guys. And saving that time got us back to camp just before dark.

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