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After climbing Rainier, Adams snd Baker, Glacier Peak via the Sitkum Glacier route was pretty much a 'piece of cake' with no particular crevasse problems. At the summit was a large party, probably Mountaineers, and one of them volunteered to take a picture of Kim and me.

Don and Kim on Glacier Peak

Don and Kim on Glacier Peak

This was the second time I had climbed Glacier Peak. The first time was several years earlier when I went in via the White Chuck Road and hiked the Pacific Crest Trail past the west side of Glacier Peak. I camped at the terminus of the gently sloping White Chuck glacier.

Next morning I packed my summit pack and headed up the White Chuck Glacier curving around to the left to follow the ridge running up to the false summit, Disappointment Peak.

I had been trying to stay pretty much on the ridgeline but on approahing Disappointment Peak it was easier to swing just to the left of this summit and gain the easy slopes of the glacier above. From then on it was an easy slog up to the summit. I recall opening the heavy cast aluminum box that contained the register.

This route, seldom used in the past, has, since the upper portion of the White Chuck road was washed out, become the preferred route for climbing Glacier Peak.

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