This was my 90's sales pitch. When you read it you will realize just how much computing has changed in 20 years

Now the engineer has help in designing electromagnetic forming processes for thin wall tubing. EMFORMX lets the engineer make his "trial runs" on his PC while varying 18 different parameters for the capacitor bank, forming coil and workpiece. Each run provides graphs of the following process variables;

Bank Voltage, Coil Current, Magnetic Pressure, Workpiece Velocity and Workpiece Deformation.

All process parameters plus the time step size, time span, solution tolerance, units, and plotting options can be quickly changed from pull-down menus. A typical run, including plots of the results and, if desired, plots comparing the results with previous runs, can be made in just a minute or two.

EMFORMX requires a PC-286 (or 386) EGA/VGA color system running DOS 3.0 (or higher) with 640K memory, a hard disk and a 1.2Meg (or 1.44Meg) diskette drive. The program is designed to make use of a math co-processor, but will run without one at reduced speeds. A mouse makes for faster navigation through the menus but all features can be accessed from the keyboard. Printouts of the data plots or of the calculated values at each time step can be directed to an Epson-compatible 24-pin dot matrix printer.

Request additional information on EMFORMX or order at a cost of only $49.95 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling (indicate 5.25 or 3.5-inch diskette preference). Washington state residents add 8.2 percent sales tax.

Incidentally, we actually sold four program diskettes (with instructions) after a short technical brief was published in the September 1990 issue of Manufacturing Engineering.

They went to a professor, a couple of engineers and a curious competitor.

  • A professor at the UCLA School of Engineering.

  • A Grumman engineer at Bethpage, NY.

  • A NASA engineer working on rocket fuel tanks at Huntsville, AL.

  • The marketing Department of a firm making hydraulic metal forming equipment.

If you wish you may 'thumb' through the original

'Instruction Manual'.

You will be able to 'flip' through the pages by putting the mouse over a page corner, right click and drag the page corner to 'turn the page. To enlarge any page click on the 1:1 Button and drag the page to view its contents.

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